The CSA Commissioning Engineers Compendium - 2015 edition - now available
This has been written as a site reference book for use of working commissioning technicians and engineers. It contains guidance on air systems, water systems, heat exchangers, refrigeration, basic electrics, motor starters and pulleys. Conversion charts, basic SI units, area and volume formulae, health & safety guidance and a listing of relevant British Standards are also included. For further information, please click HERE.

Please note: This is a digital compendium and is not downloadable.

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Technical Memorandums
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Commissioning Engineers Compendium 2015 EDITION
(Corporate Personalised editions available and bulk purchase prices)
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TM1 - Standard Specification for the Commissioning of Mechanical Engineering Services Installations for Buildings
TM2 - Trouble Shooting for Air Distribution Systems
TM3 - Test Sheets for Commissioning
TM4 - Design of Collection Hoods for Testing & Balancing
TM5 - Adverse Effects of Air & Dirt in Water Systems
TM7 - Commissioning of Steam Systems
TM8 - Trouble Shooting Refrigeration Equipment
TM9 - Water Treatment and the Commissioning Engineer
TM10 - Site Performance Testing of Heating & Cooling Coils
TM11 - Alternative Pipework System & Fixed Oriface Flow Measurement
TM 12 - Psychrometry for Commissioning Engineers Download £30.00 1873623466
TM13 Electrical Control Panels has been withdrawn due to current legislation and health and safety issues. 
All existing copies in the public domain should be responsibly discarded and no longer referred to.
TM14 - Pressurisation Units, Design, Operation & Maintenance
TM15 - The Theory of Balancing Water Distribution Systems  Download £30.00 1873623213
TM17 - DPCV Fundamentals and Commissioning Download £30.00 1873623480
TM18 - PICVs Function and Commissioning Download £30.00 1873623220
TM19 - Thermal Balancing of HWS and CWS Download £30.00 1873623237
(Carriage will be charged for the above items)
£3 per item within UK - Overseas - on request
£3.00 - UK £3.00 - UK  
GN1 - White Water Balancing
GN2 - Constant Flow Regulators
GN3 - Trouble Shooting Radiator Systems
GN4 - Bacteria Within Closed Circuit Pipework Systems
GN5 - Site Safety for Commissioning Engineers Download Download N/A
GN7 - Safe Use of Mercury Water Manometers
GN8 - Inverter Drives for Fans and Pumps Download Download N/A
GN12 - Dearation in Hot Water Services Systems Download Download N/A
GN13 - Volume Flow Rate Measurement by Non – Invasive Flow Meters Download Download N/A

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