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The HVAC and Building Services Commissioning Engineers Association

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CSA Committees

The Committee meetings are held four times a year and if you are a member of the CSA and you are able to give up a little of your time to help in the running of your Association, please complete the Nomination form below and send it to the CSA office.

PDF   Download Nomination Form - (98Kb)

Main Committee

The CSA is run by a Main Committee, which delegates powers for the day to day affairs to a Management sub-committee and the Secretary. The members of the Main Committee are drawn from all four grades of membership to ensure that all parties have a voice in the running of The Association. There are sub committees for Training, Technical matters and Marketing.

The Main Committee is made up of a maximum of twelve members in total who manage the Association. This includes the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, nine Corporate Members, two Associate Members and two Individual Members. The committee meets regularly to discuss the affairs of the Association meeting minutes are available on application to the Secretary

Committee Members

  •    M. Todd (Chairman)
  •     R. Tyler (Vice Chairman)
  •     A. Cram (Treasurer)
  •     Andrew Watkin (Corp. Member)
  •     R.J. Carlin (Corp. Member)
  •     N.F.  White (Corp. Member)
  •     P. Brown
  •     J. Coppin (Hon. Member)
  •     C. Davey (Hon. Member)
  •     D. Stephens
  •     K. Barker
  •     J. Wu

Secretary - Julie Parker


CSA Sub Committees

Training sub-committee

The Training sub-committee deals with all aspects concerning Job Descriptions, Training Courses, Distance Learning Courses and Examinations, i.e. field staff grading and development.

Committee Members

  •     P. Brown (Temp Chairman)
  •     C. Gambardella
  •     G. James
  •     G. Walker
  •     T. Bradbury
  •     N. Burdess
  •     I. Lysons
  •     N. Smith
  •     S. Robinson


Technical sub-committee

The Technical sub-committee role includes the development of technical publications, including The Commissioning Engineers Compendium, Technical Memoranda and technical articles for the CSA newsletter (Index) and other journals. It has also provided much input to revisions of CIBSE and BSRIA commissioning related publications.

Committee Members

  •     C. Davey (Chairman)
  •     D. Cocksedge
  •     D. Corner
  •     P. Davey
  •     D. Harbor
  •     N. Gibson
  •     J. Coppin
  •     M. Todd
  •     G. Moss

Marketing sub-committee

The Marketing sub-committee is charged with promoting the CSA name throughout the building services industry and beyond as the main body for Commissioning. It also develops ways in which the CSA can offer its members better services and greater benefits, e.g. a special deal on Public Liability insurance.

Committee Members

  •     K. Barker (Chairman)   
  •     R.J. Carlin
  •     D. Stephens
  •     I. Woodroofe
  •    A. Castle
  •    R. Tyler


Management Committee

D. Stephens (CEO)
N.F. White
R.J. Carlin
A. Cram
A. Watkin

J. Parker
M. Todd