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Chairman’s Say

          hristmas is always a tricky time of the year to tie up loose ends and finalise things in the office before the
       Choliday, however, I'd like to invite everyone to have a think over the next couple of weeks about helping raise
       the profile of the CSA.

       Let's hit the ground running in the New Year with fresh ideas and plans of action to really hike our profile in the
       industry and beyond. We need to push the CSA forward to not only recruit more members who are willing to be
       active within the association, but also to promote our work to Mechanical and Electrical consultants, main
       contractors etc. Having the CSA link on your company website's landing page is a good idea and very easy to start
       with. Use of social media sites such as company Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is one of the best tools we can
       use for marketing and as such can be used to get the CSA name out there. Hyperlinks and CSA logo/images are
       simple to incorporate into any social media platform and frequent use of these will help with brand recognition.
       The CSA needs to be the most recognisable thing about our industry; a one stop shop for information, a
       connective hub for all of our businesses, and a mark of excellence for those outside of commissioning so that
       they know they can trust our various firms to do the job well, and they can pick up any information they need
       from one place, quickly and with ease.

       Corporate members can start to implement these ideas in the New Year and any other ideas in a similar vein
       would be very much appreciated. Please do contact me via the CSA office to discuss anything you feel might
       work to spread the word about the organisation.

       Individual members can also aid and abet here, too. Having the CSA website link on the signature in your emails
       will hit hundreds of people over a short space of time and create traffic to our site in the process. Hyper linking
       the CSA logo is a neat and unobtrusive way to do this. Switchboards with recorded intros and voicemail can have
       an add on message, for example, "Thank you for calling 'Company', proud members of the CSA. Please leave
       your message after the tone." This too is easy and quick to implement as will reach a large volume of people
       with minimum effort. Letter and email headers and footers can include the CSA logo to promote companies'
       membership of the association and get the name out there so others can see it. These little measures are almost
       subliminal but will work towards putting the CSA in the forefront of clients' minds. For hardware items used on
       site that have corporate branding, our logo can be used to the same effect.

       Perhaps the CSA could have some small items of merchandise such as pens, post it notes etc to use as a reminder
       to clients; I'd be interested to know what you think, if you would them and if you believe they work.

       As ever promoting our trade is paramount to the CSA and putting the CSA's name out into the industry sphere
       is paramount to making that happen. We need to assure clients that we are a trusted benchmark in the
       construction business. This is up to all of us to support.

       And finally, I wish everyone a jolly happy Christmas, a prosperous New Year and I raise a glass to all of you for
       the hard work, time and effort you've shown over the last twelve months.

       Mark Todd – CSA Chairman & Director of Ashford Environmental Services Ltd
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