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Jules’ News

                       Hi everyone welcome to the Xmas edition of
                       Index. The last meeting of the year took place
                       at The Bermondsey Square Hotel, London SE1
                       on  6th  December  and  was  a  combined
                       meeting with all four CSA Committees coming together to report and reflect on the progress for the
                       year and outline their key objectives for 2019. This was followed by a special Xmas lunch as a thank
                       you to all our Committee members for their voluntary contributions throughout the year. If you would
       like to join one of our committees please contact me and you can come along and join the team and have your say.

       2019 Annual Membership invoices will be sent/e-mailed to you around 13 December 2018, these are strictly 45 days
       payment from date of invoice, so please pay promptly to ensure you get your 10% discount.

       The CSA Awards website is up and running so please
       don’t forget to take a little time to make your Nomination and also reserve
       your table. This will be a truly fantastic event on 27th June 2019,which is
       being held at the Guoman Tower Bridge Hotel and I look forward to seeing
       you there.

       Another reminder to all Individual members – if you want your CSA Grade
       to be upgraded – all you need to do is supply us with your CV asking for an
       upgrade and this will be sent to the Assessment panel for approval – so many
       of you sit at the same grade without realising this is such a simple process.

                 GRADE 4 EXAM RESULTS &                                         Distance Learning

                     DATE OF NEXT EXAM                                          Courses – A, B & C

        Congratulations to all those listed below who passed the            Well Done to all those listed below who
        Grade 4 Technical & Theory Examinations on 13 October               have recently passed the DLC tests:
                                                                            DLC A     Oliver Allison
        George Evans                 Mazen Hudhud                                          Matthew Wilding
        Dean Brinton                 Barry Wormald                                         Jessie Amar
        Sam Tomlinson-Read           Ahmed Ismail                                          Robert McNeice
        Georgia Nassos                                                                     Louis Boon
                                                                                           Steven Evens
        The next Grade 4 Exam will be held on Saturday                                     Steven Thomson
        11 May 2019. If you wish to take this exam, please                  DLC B     Michael Boardman
        e-mail to confirm – – You will then                                  George Evans
        receive a copy of the Mock Grade 4 Exam paper.                                      Volodymyr Franyuk

             This just leaves me to thank all                                     GRADE 5 THESIS

              our members for their support

        throughout the year and look forward                                Well Done also to the following for
                                                                            passing the Grade 5 Thesis.
           to our continued future successes!
                                                                                      Thomas Dunn
           Wishing you all a great Christmas                                         Nick Boardman

                     and Happy New Year!                                           Richard Sanderson

           Julie Parker – CSA Secretary
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