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Inde                                                                               In this edition of Index:

                                                                                         • CSA Xmas Meeting
                                                                                            & lunch
                                                                                         • PW White – financial
                                                                                         • Gala Awards 2019 – call
                                                                                            for Nominations
       O  WINTER        O  2018
                                                                                         • Ju’s News
                                                                                         • Chairman’s Say
       Newsletter of the                                                                 • New TM and GN...
                                                                                            & much more
       Commissioning Specialists Association
       P R O F I C I E N T   P R O F E S S I O N A L  C O M M I S S I O N I N G

       This Edition of Index is sponsored by:

          Thank you to all our Members for making 2018 another great year!

          This year’s final quarterly Committee meeting was held at the Bermondsey Square Hotel and comprised of the
             Main, Marketing, Training and Technical Committees. Thank you to everyone who attended and for your
          continued support throughout the year. As a thank you for all the hard work the various committee volunteers
            give to these committees, Julie organised a lovely Christmas lunch post meeting which was enjoyed by all.

        NEW MEMBERS                     We would like to welcome the following new members to the Association.

        CORPORATE: SESC Group, UAE
        ASSOCIATE: GMF Consulting Engineers Ltd, Mauritius, Emmeti Uk Ltd, Oxfordshire

        INDIVIDUALS: Muhammed Aslam, Jason Bravo, Barry Wormald, Ameir Salum, James Vega, Albert Philpot,
        Jamie Andrews, Daniel Newton, Lee McCann, Martin Richards, Luke Robinson, Ryan Hood, Joe Rivett, Jonathan Hunt,
        Ben Weathelley, Alex Bullimore, Allan Jacob Manual, Adrian Gillon, Cathal Carlin, Colin Smyth, Liam Robertson,
        Reginald Lechauga, Frederick Aquino, Georgia Nassos, Mark Derbyshire, Edhilyn Lipato, Kenneth Carlos, Jeremiah
        Garcia, Jeffrey Cruz, Mike Baluca, Jae Arr Martin, Matt Atienza, Gino Martin, Mark Mamitag, Earl Guevarra, Mark Beley,
        Carl Lababit, Louis Jamesolanini, Teodulo Quintillan Jr, Jovelito Ampler Jr, Anbazhagan Manickam, Ryan Balongay.
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