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Distance Learning Course

The CSA has developed a range of Distance Learning Courses which allied with site experience, provide formal education
for commissioning technicians and others in the commissioning process.

The Distance Learning Courses (DLCs) are in 3 parts, each consisting of approximately 11 modules.
The contents of each course are listed below.

Enrolment forms for the DLCs are available to download - see also below.
Distance Learning Courses (DLCs) Parts A,B and C

  Distance Learning Course - Part A Application   PDF   Download Document - (135Kb)
  Distance Learning Course - Part B Application   PDF   Download Document - (135Kb)
  Distance Learning Course - Part C Application   PDF   Download Document - (135Kb)

Index to Modules


  Part A    
  Health & Safety   Module A/1
  SI Units & Basic Measurements for Air/Water Systems   Module A/2
  Drawings & Notation   Module A/3
  Basic Water Systems   Module A/4
  Basic Air Systems   Module A/5
  Types of Pumps & Fans   Module A/6
  Basic Flow Measurement   Module A/7
  Codes of Practice   Module A/8
  Basic Flow Regulation   Module A/9
  Documentation   Module A/10
  Quality Assurance   Module A/11
  Part B    
  Reporting & Contractual Awareness   Module B/1
  Heat   Module B/2
  Heat Transmission   Module B/3
  Flowrate & Circulation   Module B/4
  Air & Water Design Concepts   Module B/5
  240V/415V Electrical Theory   Module B/6
  Airflow Regulation   Module B/7
  Waterflow Regulation   Module B/8
  Advanced Air Systems   Module B/9
  Advanced Water Systems   Module B/10
  Filtration   Module B/11
  Part C    
  Instrument Calibration   Module C/1
  Duct Sizing   Module C/2
  Pipe Sizing   Module C/3
  Heat Exchangers   Module C/4
  Fans & Pumps   Module C/5
  Air & Water Duty Calculations   Module C/6
  Water Treatment, Flushing & Venting   Module C/7
  Advanced Water Flow Regulation   Module C/8
  Advanced Air Commissioning    Module C/9