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GCC CHAPTER (Gulf Corporation Council)

We are pleased to announce that the CSA GCC chapter is now in place.

Andrew Lawlor

Over recent years, Commissioning in the UAE has become a mandatory requirement on all construction projects thanks to the Green Building initiatives such as LEED and Estidama.
Whilst the implementation of these initiatives displays an intent & understanding of the benefits effective commissioning of building services can bring to a development, the actual application of the commissioning process is still often neglected or compromised on projects in the region.

Like any other part of the world, cost is a dominant factor when decisions are made during construction projects in the UAE, but with an influx of “commissioning specialists” in the country it is often appealing for contractors to go with the cheapest company or solution, with often their own labourers also being utilised. It seems that anybody who has been associated with building services in the Middle East becomes a commissioning specialist, with all too often ductwork installers or pipework fitters being utilised as the commissioning team on projects by MEP contractors.

Educating the project developers and property owners about the benefits of having effective commissioning process on their buildings is essential. The CSA intends to play a leading role in this process in the region, by ensuring that developers and consultants are aware of the standards that would be implemented towards commissioning on their projects when it is enforced that CSA corporate members are utilised.

The CSA intends to play a major part in raising the standard of commissioning throughout the region by training all corporate members employees, whether they are technicians or engineers, utilising the Path of Development. The Distance Learning Courses and framework of grading for CSA members helps to ensure that members have the theoretical knowledge of commissioning required as well as the practical skills needed to implement effective and efficient commissioning on projects.

Andrew Lawlor
CSA GCC Chapter Chairman